How to Live More Sustainably

November 10, 2022

As impressive as our planet is, it can only produce a finite number of specific resources and withstand a certain level of greenhouse emissions to stay healthy. Because of this, society's focus is quickly shifting towards sustainable living, with many individuals adopting lifestyle changes to support this. This is evident in the rise of people opting for electric vehicles, with a notable percentage doing this because of the negative effects fuel powered vehicles have on the environment. Despite this, 77% of people still want to do more and learn to live more sustainably.

We’ve done the hard part for you and put together simple ways you can move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

1. Use renewable energy 

Obviously, we had to include this one, but that’s not just because we’re biased. Solar energy drastically cuts down the level of electricity taken from the national grid each year. By fitting a standard photovoltaic (PV) panel, the average household could reduce carbon emissions by 1.6 tonnes for every year they’re fitted. 

2. Go paperless

If you’re still receiving letters and bills through your letterbox, it might be time to make the switch. You can now receive the majority of invoices via email, removing the need for paper wastage, lessening CO2 emissions produced during delivery and the manufacturing of the paper, and also less clutter in your home! 

3. Reusable is the way forward 

In the UK, we use approximately 1.8 billion cotton buds each year that go into landfills and 2.5 billion coffee cups. However, in the market, there is now a vast range of reusable alternatives for these, and many other everyday items that will make less of an impact on our environment. The company, LastObject produces reusable cotton buds, cotton rounds, tissues and more to support more sustainable living and save you money in the long run! 

4. Grow your own produce

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not just a relaxing way to spend your weekend, but it also helps support the environment! Many products you would usually buy in a store are much easier to grow yourself than you’d imagine, saving you money as well. Homegrown foods don’t contain harmful pesticides, don’t need to be transported from farm to supermarket and don’t come wrapped in plastic. There are plenty of ‘Grow Your Own’ kits available to help you get started and make the process even easier! 

For the food products you aren’t able to grow yourself, it’s best to shop little and often. When doing a big monthly food shop, families often overbuy, and food goes to waste. If you shop weekly or when you need to, you can work towards reducing waste. 

If you’re interested in living more sustainably and doing your part for the planet, feel free to give a call so we can talk through your options and how we can help! 01273 466707 |

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