Commercial Installations

DW Energy have a proven track record on the commercial sector, having provided renewable technology installs to a wide variety of businesses for over 10 years.

We are specialists in commercial solar panel systems for all roof types and sizes, and our expert team is experienced in ensuring you maximise your return investment. DW Energy offers a wide variety of solutions using the very best products to ensure your investment is protected for years to come. We will provide a bespoke solution ensuring you are able to benefit from the sun’s energy regardless of your roof size or budget. We even offer solar car ports to further enhance your power production and maximise the space you have available for solar power generation.

Rising energy costs mean more and more businesses are looking to mitigate the significant risk of spiralling overheads by investing their capital in solar panels. Many of our commercial proposals see a return on investment within 5 years and with energy prices set to increase even further over the coming months and years, we are likely to see that time period reduce even further.

Our partnership with Solarwatt means we can offer their robust, high yielding, glass on glass solar panels that come with a 30-year warranty as standard. With 87% power production guaranteed for 30 years, your investment is well and truly protected.

Investing in solar energy is an extremely low risk investment, with returns guaranteed, and far exceeding those of traditional financial investment vehicles.

The added bonus of course, is that by installing solar pv panels you will be reducing your business carbon footprint, and improving your green credentials and business’ reputation at the same time.


DW Energy also supply install and maintain a wide variety of battery storage and voltage optimisation services to our commercial clients. Most businesses we provide solar pv installations for use all of the power they generate, and in this instance a battery storage system would be an uneconomical use of funds. However, DWEnergy can advise you as to the best system to install and can even provide simultaneous proposals both with and without a battery system so that you can see the difference it will make to your payback period and subsequent return on investment first hand in order to make an informed decision.

DW Energy can also assist with finding local grants to support with the financial aspect of renewable technology installation.

DW Energy offers a wide range of vehicle charging solutions to the business and commercial markets, so whether you are looking to de-carbonise your fleet, save money in Class 1A National insurance, or provide incentives to your employees to choose greener transport methods, we have you covered. DW Energy can provide EV charging solutions for schools, new build properties, hotels, leisure centres, business parks, and retail parks and work with our clients to provide the most cost-effective solution for their particular use case.

•      Benefit in Kind rates are only 2% for EV’s in 2022-23

•      Up to £14,000 government grant for EV Chargers at £350 per charger up to a maximum of 40 across multiple sites

•      Reduce your business carbon emissions

•      Offer your staff the benefit of charging at work

•      Charge seamlessly using mobile apps, RFID cards or key fobs issued your employees

•      3year manufacturers warranty

•      Monetise your parking spaces by charging car park users for the electricity the use charging their vehicle (grant not available for this use case)

•      Maintenance Contracts available

•      Grants

Business in the UK can claim a £350 grant towards each EV charger they have installed up to a maximum of 40 chargers, across multiple sites, providing a potential saving of up to £14,000.

Eligibility criteria;

•      Must be a registered business, charity or public sector organisation

•      Have an intent to encourage uptake of EV’s among staff or incorporate EV’s within fleet (you do not need to currently possess a plug in EV)

•      Be located in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland

•      Have dedicated off street parking

•      Own the property or have consent from the landlord for charge points to be installed at all sites listed in the application

So why not submit your voucher application today and get in contact with DW Energy to book in your install!The scheme won’t be here forever.

Before you start - Apply for a workplace charging scheme voucher - GOV.UK(

Services available

Solar PV Panels

The cost of powering your home or business is increasing at an exponential rate so there has never been a better time to future-proof your building against increasing energy costs.

Battery Storage

Store the energy you are unable to use during the day to power your home or business at night.

Home EV Charging

The UK is set to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030 as part of the Government’s ongoing push toward carbon neutrality.

Service & Maintenance

DW Energy offers personalised maintenance contracts that can include your entire renewable system. This includes solar PV, battery storage and EV charging point.

Voltage Optimisation

DW Energy is proud to offer our clients a service known as voltage optimisation. This service can help you reduce your energy consumption, lower your electricity bills, and increase the lifespan of your electrical appliances.

There are many great benefits to going renewable:

Grant schemes available for businesses and landlords.
Financing options to reduce the upfront costs.
Energy prices are at an all-time high, reduce your reliance on power from the grid.
Save money in the long term and protect yourself against future energy price hikes.

Finance options

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Saving money. Living sustainably. Staying up to date with technology. Whatever your reasoning, get in touch to see how easy going solar, or fitting an EV charger is.

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