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At DW Energy, we’re dedicated to providing the best service and only fitting the very best products, therefore, we’re very particular about who we partner with. You can be assured that the companies that make the cut provide only the highest quality products. So who are they?


SolarWatt are solar energy and photovoltaic experts, producing glass-on-glass panels designed to withstand the harshest conditions.They’re developed and rigorously tested to the highest quality and manufacturing standards. With over 29 years of experience, DW Energy customers can now benefit from high-quality products that last a lifetime.

●     30 year warranty

●     Glass on glass panel

●      29 years experience

●      100% green-powered production

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MyEnergi is a company at the forefront of British renewable eco smart technology innovation and manufacturing. They are the manufacturers of the number one British made, electric vehicle chargers, Zappi. This unique charger can operate using power from the grid, from wind generation or from your Solar PV system, fitted by DW Energy!

●    Number one British made EV chargers

●    Three year warranty

●     DW Energy fitters are specially trained in fitting MyEnergi EV chargers

●     Designed for convenience. Not compromise.

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GivEnergy offers a comprehensive energy storage system that includes their own inverters, batteries, and a state-of-the-art control and monitoring platform. This exceptional storage package is supported by a UK technical team and offers one of the most advanced and powerful monitoring platforms on the market.


With GivEnergy, you can take full control of your energy, save money, and cut carbon emissions. Smart technology allows you to monitor your energy usage, set site-specific settings, and take advantage of flexibility services. In addition to its energy storage system, GivEnergy also offers a versatile commercial storage system that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 


GivEnergy also offers a range of accessories to complement its energy storage system, including:


  • EV charger
  • Smart plug
  • Energy management software
  • With GivEnergy, you can create a complete energy ecosystem to manage your energy needs and save money.


Why choose GivEnergy?


  • Comprehensive energy storage system with state-of-the-art monitoring platform
  • Supported by a UK technical team
  • Compatible with Agile Octopus and other smart energy tariffs
  • Wide range of accessories to meet your specific needs

Visit their website by clicking here.

Saving money. Living sustainably. Staying up to date with technology. Whatever your reasoning, get in touch to see how easy going solar, or fitting an EV charger is.

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