Understanding The Distribution Network Operator

When installing your Solar PV and storage we are required by the DNO to gain permission to do so. The Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is the company that owns and operates the power lines and infrastructure that connect their network to your property. This blog aims to shed light on the process of gaining permission, potential export limitations, and the benefits of self-consumption.

Permission for Solar PV and Storage Installation

The DNO, responsible for the power lines and infrastructure, requires permission for installing solar and storage systems. For systems under 3.68kWp, we are allowed to post-notify, which means a simpler process.

Pre-Notification for Systems Over 3.68kWp

If your solar and storage system exceeds 3.68kWp, pre-notification and permission from the DNO are necessary. This ensures compliance with regulations and grid capacity considerations.

Export Limitations for Grid Connection

In cases where the network lacks sufficient capacity, it may be necessary to limit the export of energy from your property to the grid. This precautionary measure ensures the stability of the grid. The permissions for export limitations can take up to 8 weeks.

Installation Timeframe

Even with the permission process underway, we can proceed with the solar/storage installation sooner if you are comfortable with the potential export limitation. This means you can start benefiting from renewable energy sooner, with the understanding that the system's export may be restricted.

How Export Limitation Works

When an export limit is imposed on a system, such as a 10kW system limited to 8kW, the array will continue generating 10kW of energy. However, it will only export a maximum of 8kW back to the grid. To achieve this, an export limiting device, typically integrated into the inverter, is used.

Maximising Self-Consumption

Microgeneration systems, like Solar PV, perform most efficiently when the energy generated is consumed on-site rather than exported to the grid. This concept, known as self-consumption, aims to maximise the utilisation of the energy produced within your property. Rest assured, your system has been designed with a focus on self-consumption, making it highly unlikely that you would be unable to export any surplus energy generated.

When considering the installation of Solar PV and storage systems, it is important to understand the DNO's permission process and potential export limitations. By working closely with the DNO and ensuring compliance, you can benefit from renewable energy while contributing to grid stability. Maximise self-consumption and enjoy the advantages of clean, sustainable power for your property.

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