Brighton Residential Installation

Solar PV Panels

Brighton Residential Installation

Client: Brighton based customer
Sector: Residential
Location: Brighton
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The DW Energy team have been in Brighton working on a residential project. The homeowner was looking for a way to reduce their impact on the environment. They were already living in an eco-friendly way, but wanted to support the environment further and after getting in touch with our team and discussing the impact solar energy can make, they decided to go solar! 

They installed eight on-roof solar panels and a battery storage solution. Their system will feed energy back to the grid once their battery is fully charged. These solar systems provide electricity throughout their home; and the battery storage ensures any additional power produced can be saved and used at a later time, such as night, or cloudy days when there is limited sun available.

“Installation all went as planned. We are very satisfied with the service provided!”

If you're looking at additional ways to significantly reduce your impact on the environment than solar panels can support you in reducing your homes carbon footprint by 80% in one year.


  • Location: Brighton, East Sussex 
  • Project Duration: One week 
  • Fitted: 8 x 385w JA Solar panels, Huawei 3.68kW inverter and a Huawei Luna 5kW battery

Saving money. Living sustainably. Staying up to date with technology. Whatever your reasoning, get in touch to see how easy going solar, or fitting an EV charger is. 

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