Commercial Installation - smart solar solution for business owner in the South East

Solar PV Panels

Commercial Installation - smart solar solution for business owner in the South East

Sector: Commercial
Location: Worthing
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DW Energy has recently completed a remarkable commercial project for a heating, plumbing and electrical specialist company based in Worthing. The client wanted a solar solution that would reduce their energy expenses while minimising their carbon footprint. The goal was to integrate an efficient and sustainable energy system that would align with their environmental values and contribute to long-term cost savings for their business.  

DW Energy suggested a tailored solution for their client, consisting of a complete solar panel system. The team installed an array of 94 Solarwatt Panel classic pure 405 Wp panels, providing an impressive total output of 38kW. Solarwatt Panel classic series is not only good for the planet but also offers reliably high-quality modules designed in Germany. With the most powerful PERC half-cut cells, these solar panels are robust and affordable offering a comprehensive 15-year product guarantee for added peace of mind. To ensure optimal energy conversion, a Solax x3 30KW inverter was integrated into the system. The combination of cutting-edge, quality solar panels and a high-performance inverter form the backbone of a reliable and efficient solar energy solution. The Solarwatt panels were strategically mounted on the property to maximise sunlight exposure and capture optimal energy generation potential.


  • 94 Solarwatt Panel classic pure 405 Wp panels
  • 38kw system
  • Solax x3 30KW inverter

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