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Full Range Residential Installation

Client: Rustington based customer
Sector: Residential
Location: Rustington
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The DW Energy team completed a full range installation for a residential customer in Rustington who wanted to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their energy bills. Installed was a MyEnergi Eddi hot water diverter, a MyEnergi Zappi car charger, a 5kWh Huawei inverter, a Huawei 5kWh battery, and ten JA Solar 385w solar panels. They also wanted to install bird netting under the solar panels to prevent birds from nesting.

The main challenge was the installation of the solar panels on a steep incline roof. The DW Energy team had to devise a unique solution to secure the solar panels on the roof while ensuring they were at the optimum angle for maximum energy efficiency. The DW Energy team began by assessing the customer's property and developing a customised plan for the solar panel installation. The team worked with the customer to understand their requirements and designed a system that would meet their needs. They worked carefully and efficiently to secure the solar panels on the roof at the optimum angle, using a specially designed mounting system.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the work completed, confirming that they would be interested in installing an additional battery in their home at some point in the future too. They noted that the installers were helpful, clean, and tidy. They also appreciated that the scaffolding was not up for too long before and after the installation. Remote monitoring of the system showed that during the first week of February the system produced a total of 64kWh, of which the customer had used 33.07 kWh and fed 31.45kWh back to the grid.  During this week the customer only used 4.35kWh from the grid, providing a huge energy bill saving. 


  • Location: Rustington 
  • Project Duration: One week
  • Fitted: MyEnergi Eddi hot water diverter, MyEnergi Zappi car charger, 5kWh Huawei inverter, Huawei 5kWh battery, 10 JA Solar 385w solar panels 

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