Harnessing the Sun in Worthing

Harnessing the Sun in Worthing

Sector: Residential
Location: Worthing
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We have successfully completed another residential solar panel installation in Worthing! A solar panel system was installed on the newly constructed extension of the client's home. The project involved the installation of 9 high-efficiency Trina panels, each rated at 425 watts, complemented by a 3.7kW SolaX inverter and a 5.8kW SolaX battery.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of this solar panel installation project were as follows:

  • To provide the client with a sustainable, cost-effective, and renewable energy source.
  • To reduce their electricity bills by generating their own clean energy.
  • To enhance the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of their home.
  • To maximise energy production, ensuring the shaded panels perform at their best.
  • To provide backup power through the integrated battery system in case of grid outages.

Our team conducted a comprehensive site assessment to determine the best location for the solar panels. The new extension of the client's home was identified as the optimal spot for maximum sun exposure. Nine Trina panels, known for their high energy conversion efficiency, were securely mounted on the extension's roof. The panels were arranged to capture the most sunlight throughout the day. A 3.7kW SolaX inverter was installed to convert the generated power. Some of the panels would become shaded at certain points of the day, so to ensure the client wasn’t missing out we included optimisers. Optimisers increase the overall output of the solar installation by bypassing the panel that is not working at total capacity when being shaded. 

Additionally, a 5.8kW SolaX battery was incorporated to store excess energy for use during the night or during power outages. The solar panel system was seamlessly connected to the local electrical grid, allowing the client to consume and export surplus energy depending on their needs.

In addition, we incorporated electric Rointe Heaters into the system to optimise the utilisation of solar power. The presence of a hot tub in the extension amplified the need for solar energy to offset their energy consumption effectively.

Benefits of Residential Solar Panel Installation

  • Reduced Energy Costs: The solar panels generate a significant portion of the average residential home's electricity needs, resulting in substantial savings on energy bills.
  • Environmental Benefits: The system's clean energy production reduces the home's carbon footprint.
  • Backup Power: The SolaX battery system ensures uninterrupted power during power outages, offering peace of mind at all times.

This project demonstrates how clean, renewable energy reduces energy costs and environmental impact and provides energy security and a promising return on investment. Are you debating going solar in your home? Discuss your options with our team: https://www.dwenergy.co.uk/contact

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