Industrial Customer in Coneyhurst Gains Energy Independence

Industrial Customer in Coneyhurst Gains Energy Independence

Client: Four Seasons Fuel
Sector: Commercial
Location: Coneyhurst
Price range:
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The DW Energy team have been in Coneyhurst after an industrial business got in touch about our services. The client, whose business relies on the use of heavy machinery, was facing high energy bills. We were tasked with designing and installing a solar panel system that could help reduce the client's energy costs significantly.

The client's warehouse roof was fragile, which posed a unique challenge for the installation. Special care and attention were required to ensure that the installation did not put excessive stress on the roof, while also maintaining its watertight integrity.

Our team designed a comprehensive plan that would significantly reduce their costs and wouldn’t cause any harm to the property. The solution consisted of: 

  • Solar Panels: A total of 264 Solarwatt 405w panels were chosen, with 48 panels installed on the office building and 216 panels placed on the warehouse roof. These high-efficiency panels were chosen to maximise energy generation.

  • Special Roof Fixings: To ensure the fragile warehouse roof remained watertight and secure, we used special fixings that were specifically designed for this purpose. This approach allowed for the installation of solar panels without compromising the roof's integrity.

  • Inverters: The installation featured a 20kW SolaX X3 Pro three-phase inverter for the office building and two 40kW SolaX X3 Mega three-phase inverters for the warehouse. These inverters were selected to efficiently convert the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power for the client's heavy machinery and office needs.

This solar panel installation project was a resounding success. It not only significantly reduced the client's energy costs but also enhanced their energy independence and sustainability. They now benefit from a reliable and efficient solar energy system that aligns with their high energy demands, all while preserving the integrity of their fragile warehouse roof.

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