Multi-Story Car Park Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

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Multi-Story Car Park Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Client: Multi-Story Car Park
Sector: Commercial
Location: London
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The DW Energy team headed to London for a huge installation of 63 electric vehicle chargers. 

The project focused on equipping a multi-story car park located in London with modern EV charging infrastructure. The goal was to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles by providing convenient and accessible charging options for visitors in the area. DW Energy aimed to contribute to the government's clean energy goals while enhancing the city's overall infrastructure.

DW Energy successfully installed a total of 63 functional electric vehicle car chargers within the multi-story car park. These charging stations were strategically positioned to ensure ease of access and optimal utilisation by EV owners. Additionally, the company set up the groundwork and infrastructure to accommodate an additional 13 chargers in the future, bringing the total potential charging capacity to 76 stations. This forward-thinking approach ensured scalability and flexibility as the adoption of electric vehicles continued to grow.

To support this initiative and incentivise businesses to participate in the transition to electric mobility, the client leveraged the OZEV grant scheme. The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is a government body in the UK that promotes the adoption of low and zero-emission vehicles. DW Energy's client for this project benefited from grant payments under the OZEV scheme, which contributed significantly to the financial feasibility of the installation.

The London multi-story car park EV charger installation by DW Energy exemplifies the power of partnership between the private sector and government initiatives. By installing 63 operational EV chargers and setting up the groundwork for future expansion, DW Energy not only contributed to London's sustainable transportation infrastructure but also showcased the benefits of participating in the OZEV grant scheme.

More information about eligibility for the OZEV grant scheme can be found on the official government website: 

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