Rainy Residential Installation

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Rainy Residential Installation

Sector: Residential
Location: Crawley
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DW Energy were recently approached by the owner of a residential property in Crawley. His main goal was to reduce his reliance on the grid and lower his electricity bills while promoting sustainable energy practices.

Our installation team proposed a solar panel system specifically designed for the clients home. The following components were included in the project scope:

  • 19 Solfit 375kWh solar panels: These high-efficiency solar panels were chosen for their excellent performance and durability
  • 7.12kW system: The system size was optimised based on the available roof space and the customers energy consumption patterns
  • 10kW Solax inverter: The Solax inverter was selected for its reliability and ability to efficiently convert DC power from the solar panels into AC power for household use

During the installation rain was forecast over the weekend so the team ensured the whole property was weather tight to prevent leakages.

Our team successfully completed the solar panel installation at the customers domestic property in Orde Close, Crawley. By leveraging the power of solar energy through the 19 Solfit 375kWh solar panels, a 7.12kW system, and the 10kW Solax inverter, the customer is now enjoying reduced electricity bills, environmental sustainability, and the potential for a return on his investment.

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